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Voice Over IP


Communication is key for businesses to keep in touch with customers, vendors, co-workers and other partners that are crucial to any successful business. Traditional phone systems are no longer practical for the demands of today’s business climate. You need speed, options and functionality and you cannot get that with outdated phone systems. Hosted Voice Over IP or VoIP systems send and receive calls and communication over the internet rather than traditional means. VoIP systems increase speed, improve functionality and provide many more options and features than traditional phone systems.

Simply put – Hosted VoIP systems provide more features and benefits and reduce costs for businesses. Here are just a few of the many features available through VoIP systems that can help to increase the functionality of your phone and communication systems.


Hosted VoIP systems can provide:

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Forwarding

  • Caller ID

  • Video Conferencing

  • Team Conferencing

  • Lower Operating Costs

  • Fax Capability

  • Lower Bandwidth Waste

  • Mobile Application


Receive the same features and functionality of a Fortune 500 company for a fraction of the price!

  • Auto attendant: automated greeting allows callers to select where they want to route their call

  • Music / message on hold: custom music or messaging to callers while on hold

  • Mobility suite: voicemail to email, find me/follow me, iPhone App

  • Local phone number: receive a local number or port your existing number to our system

  • Conference center: connect up to 9 people on one conference call for no additional cost

  • 4 digit site to site dialing: call between your on-net locations without dialing long distance

  • Call routing: advanced routing to get your customers

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