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Networked Security Cameras

Cityscape Technologies provides high-end video surveillance systems that provide the best and most cost effective and long-term reliable solutions. Each CCTV system is carefully engineered to the specific needs of each client. Cityscape technicians are experienced in utilizing best practice methods and existing camera and IT infrastructures. Our core strength is our ability to design and install highly complex solutions for a wide range of applications. These systems protect employees and property, eliminate false liability claims, prevent and deter theft and still stay within your budget.​

Video surveillance benefits:

  • Risk management

  • Prevent frivolous lawsuits

  • Visual proof

  • Effective theft deterrence

  • Reduce shrinkage

  • Safer work environment

  • Increased productivity

  • Curtail sexual harassment

  • Monitor safety policies

  • Cloud based design for video storage

Key features of video surveillance:

  • Motion detection

  • Remote viewing

  • Alarm notification

  • External triggers for alarms

  • Playback & export

  • Search & find

  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom Control

  • Customized Storage Control



Cityscape Technologies is a leading integrator of premium access control systems that electronically regulate doors and elevators. Industry‐renowned for product quality and customer support, Cityscape’s systems are built on a foundation of versatility, flexibility, and scalability. Our team of electronic security consultants are dedicated to designing and building the best in access control systems that address today’s real‐world security challenges. From one door at a single location to many doors at multiple locations, we can ensure a seamless integration that works.

Benefits of a professionally installed access control system include:

  • Restrict access to sensitive areas.

  • Provide auditing and employee time and attendance features.

  • Track, record, and deter access throughout your organization.

  • Create tiered management levels of authorization.

  • Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves.

  • Remotely administer and control access (lock and unlock doors) immediately to multiple facilities.

  • Provide a safer working environment and customer or client environment.

Cityscape Tech applies these benefits through the following solutions:

  • Non-proprietary, best of breed open platform solutions

  • Access control cards, photo I.D. badges, and readers

  • Bio-metric technologies

  • Analytics

  • Web-based, multi-site access control solutions

  • PC-based, small to mid-sized solutions

  • Enterprise solutions

  • Integration with burglar alarm and video system(s) with two-way voice

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